Hanging On

Hanging On
So we lost. Again. Game Two. Martinez v. Lieber.
Okay, where are all these Yankee aces coming from? No, really. Mussina and Lieber? Jon Lieber?
What’s with this home-plate umpire debauchery? Let’s call a strike a strike folks, and a ball a ball.
Will the real Johnny Damon please stand up?
And the real Mark Bellhorn … and Manny Ramirez … and David Ortiz … and Kevin Millar … and Trot Nixon … and Jason Varitek … and Orlando Cabrera … and Bill Mueller.
Y’know, the guys who are patient and wait for their hit? And don’t hack?
Can we get some run support for Vintage Pedro?
Can Curt’s ankle please heal?
Can we win a game?
Yes, we can win a game.
The Yankees are 57-24 at home. 44-37 on the road.
The Red Sox are 55-26 at home. 43-38 on the road.
It’s very concievable we can – boom – take the next three games and head back to New York sitting pretty on a 3-2 lead. OK, maybe we aren’t sitting pretty at that point because we’re back in New York … but hey, we got two games to clinch.
We got Bronson Arroyo going in Game Three who has, so far, proven himself to be a Big Game Pitcher

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