Is it the Friday before the crucifixion? Or the Friday before the resurrection? Time will tell….

The picks:

USC 48 WSU 28. I have a hard time believing that our offense is going to score less than 28 points. I also would be SERIOUSLY thinking upset if it wasn’t for our horrible defense and special teams play. I think when its all said and done, we will look at a first half Reggie Bush punt return (to the house) as the thing that made this a blow-out and not an interesting game in the second half. Harrison will, however, get his 100 yards…

But I also think, upon further reflection, that my initial take on how the game will play out was a bit flawed. USC will stack the line of scrimmage to stop the run, but drop their DB’s WAY back to stop the deep ball. I also think they’ll gimick linebacker blitzes to fall back into pass coverage. The idea: keep the ball in front of them and bait little Alex into throwing the ball over the middle….in other words, for us to stay in the game, we will have to effectively use Biennemen and find an intermediate passing game. I think we’ll have some success, which will keep the score down because we will keep the ball for a while. But eventually, our lack of D and special teams will kill us. Also, I think we’ll know a lot about the game early. How will little Alex react to what Carrol has in mind? Will we be flat? Will we turn the ball over and get into a quick 14-0 hole? It WILL be fun to watch–at least initially.

OSU 35 Arizona 21

Arizona State 38 UW 21

UCLA 41 Stanford 28

Fla 21 Georgia 17

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