Hawks comically send Carmelo Anthony a jersey to commemorate his five days with team

Carmelo Anthony has bounced around over the past season, as he’s technically been a member of three NBA teams in the past year.

Melo played for the Thunder last season, until he was freed via a trade to the Hawks, where some thought he may settle. But it’s unlikely that Anthony even had to unpack his bags, as the Hawks waived him just five days later, making it apparent that the trade was just a way for the Thunder to shed his contract and move on.

Since that time, Anthony, who was an unrestricted free agent, signed with the Rockets, and it’s apparent that that’s where he always wanted to end up. But the Hawks haven’t soured about it — in fact, they were nice enough to send Melo a jersey to commemorate his five-day stint with the team.

Melo should frame that.