Hello from the SD! Plus, I LIKE BRINK (see why below)

I’m here in sunny San Diego, man what a beautiful place! I was lucky enough to walk up with a few friends from work last night to walk right up to Petco and take in the Pads-Astros. What a beautiful ballpark! Beautiful 72-degree night, the Pads were hitting the ball, just a cool experience. I have to say that Safeco still rates higher in my book, however, as some areas of Petco just aren’t as asthetically(sp?) appealing as Safeco. Maybe it’s just a simple thing as the color scheme, lots of tan everywhere, but that’s part of the area I guess. They have a cool picnic area in centerfield where little kids run wild and you can have a picnic and take in the game, really a neat deal. They also have a sandbox in right-center field bleachers for the kids, a neat touch too.

I found a pretty good highlight video of Alex Brink and the Cougs from the UCLA and Apple Cup last year online. It’s a big file, 20 MB, but it’s worth the download. I know it’s highlights, hell, ANYONE can look great in highlights (I remember when the Sonics signed Jim McIlvaine, and on ESPN they were showing him block all sorts of shots and I was like “WOW” but we know how that worked out??). Anyway, watching the video now, it really is a good reminder that Alex DOES have a good arm, and he’s got good feet too. To think that he’ll be bigger, stronger, and better this year, well, I can’t help but be excited for them to tee it up in 7 DAYS!

Check it out:


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