Here are 6 Ways You Could Get Better at Golf!!

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As a golf enthusiast, you spend countless hours trying to improve your game. However, you don’t seem to be making any significant progress. This can be very frustrating for anyone, especially if you are always losing matches against members of your Golf Club. Well, it boils down to one thing; there is something that you are not doing right! Of course you may think of hiring a professional coach to train you, but let’s face it. It will cost you a dime. Here are some tips on how to up your game.

#1 Make a Point to Practice Enough

You’ve probably heard about the 10 thousand hours rule. How you need to practice at least that many hours to master any skill perfectly. Do the math. You can’t expect to get there if you are only practicing about one hour every week. You need to dedicate some ample amount of time a couple of days a week to practice.

#2 Find a Way to Practice Productively

Striking drivers on the course until your face becomes red might mean that you will end up with a backache. However, it is not going to improve your game in any sensible way. What you need to do is train with a purpose. Focus on one thing while at the range, like posture for instance. Once you have spent about half an hour working on it and incorporating into your swing, you can leave the range.

#3 Get the Right Equipment

Professional golf trainers recommend that you get your whole kit inspected at least once per year.  Chances are that you probably have the wrong combination of golf clubs. There is no point in having tow-iron, and you are probably not skilled enough to be carrying more wedges than hybrids. You don’t have to physically go the golf supplies store to buy a new set of equipment. You can get the appropriate arsenal of golf gear for amateurs by shopping at one of the reputable golf stores online without a much of a hassle.

#4 Keep Track of Your Stats

Perhaps you think that you are an awesome putter and an average driver. But are you for sure? If you don’t really know this for sure, it is impossible to maximize your training time, let alone come up with a prime on-course strategy.

#5 Stop Riding the Cart All the Time

You might think that you are saving energy by riding the cart while on the course. However, what you don’t really know is that you are actually losing touch with the normal rhythm of the game.

#6 Stop Looking for an easy Fix

With all the countless swing tips being peddled in golf publications, both print and digital, you might be under the wrong impression that there is one magic tip that will be the answer all your problems. But no matter how much time and effort you put into searching for that magical tip, the nasty reality is that it all comes down to practicing on good principles consistently until they become a habit.

So if you really want to stop sucking at golf, you need to get these things right first. Don’t think that there is a quick fix for anything. Practice adequately, appropriately, consistently, and with a purpose. Finally, remember to buy the right equipment and gear.

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