Hope For The Best, Expect The Worst

“It’s like someone is forcing me to eat shit.”–Tom Twomey’s “ventext” to me today.

Look, living in NY all my life, I’ve been pretty public on how I would feel about the Jets finally winning a SECOND Super Bowl.  I have also been pretty forthright on my feelings about LT doing it with them.  But at this point, I can’t stress it anymore.  What little I saw, it looked like the Jets D and Sanchez deserved it.  I won’t ever root for LT to get his ring and it will make me sick if it happens.  However, I can’t let it get beyond that initial disgust.

As my daughter said when she saw another game on today:  “My daddy watches the Chargers.  They lose and he gets mad.  I don’t watch football.  I only watch the Chargers.”

Is Sarah saying that the Chargers aren’t football?  Not right now they aren’t.  The playoffs are the great equalizer or revealer of what was always there.  We have been frauds for so long.  This puts salt in the wound, but the truth was already there.  I am sure Pats fans are devestated, especially after being upset against the Giants.  But the sad truth is that the four teams that are playing right now have ALL won the Super Bowl.  Is justice ever coming?  I don’t know, but I wish I could find out now so I could make my plans accordingly.


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