Hot Stove Beginning To Heat Up

Some rumors and reactions coming from a weekend with no real news to report…
Rumor: Did the Red Sox make Damon an offer when they met with agent Scott Boras at the winter meetings? The Boston Herald believes the Sox made an offer to one of their free agents, and reported Friday that “by all accounts,” that offer was made to Damon. Jed Hoyer (one of the Gang of Four filling Theo Epstein’s shoes temporarily) issued a “no comment” when asked if Damon received an offer from the Red Sox. The Boston Globe’s Gordon Edes reported on Thursday that the Sox and Boras discussed the “parameters” of a deal. The Red Sox lost exclusive negotiating rights with Damon as of Friday morning, so any team in baseball can make the center fielder an offer.
Reaction: The market seems to be shrinking for Damon. The Red Sox may be able to lock him up for 4 years and 40 million after all, as the Yankees have given indications that Torii Hunter or Milton Bradley might be better suitors for cheaper. The Cubs are also a contender. Unfortunately, with Scott Boras the agent, Damon won

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