Hot stove debates to fire up New York fans

I’m going to turn this morning’s squawk over to reader Jonmouk71, who suggested these blog topics in a comment on another thread:

Hey guys, instead of the silly name of field debate, how about something to stir up Yankee and Met fans alike:

1. Rickey Henderson – a first ballot HOF? – stats say yes, but his presence in both Yankee and Met clubhouses were definitely a negative (he helped get Yogi fired in 1985)

I have to say Rickey may have been a first-class clown, but he’s still a first-ballot Hall of Famer, which I’m guessing he will be this January (in an Oakland uniform, I’m assuming.) And he should be remembered for his speed and talent. For example, did you know that Henderson holds the Yankee all-time team stolen base record, at 326, even though he only played less than five years for the Bombers? That’s amazing.

But yeah, New York fans think of some very negative things when it comes to Rickey. My biggest memory of Henderson as a Yank is when he showed up for the first day to spring training and announced, “I don’t need no press, man.” And I know Squawker Jon won’t forget Henderson playing cards while the Mets were losing in the playoffs.

Another player on the Hall of Fame ballot this year is Jim Rice, in his last year of eligibility. This Yankee fan thinks he deserves to be in the Hall. But Rice’s big mistake, in my view, was being surly to the press in his playing days. Who knows how much support that has cost him over the years. Despite all that, I do think this is the year Rice finally makes it in, though.

Other names on the ballot for the first time this year include David Cone and Mo Vaughn. Squawker Jon is clearing his calendar for Mo-Licious’ HOF induction!

Another argument our reader Jonmouk71 suggested was this one:

2. The Vet Committee: Gil Hodges or Allie Reynolds? Hodges gets a lot of support for his Dodger career (2 rings) and managing the 1969 Mets – but he never won more than 83 games in any other years he managed. Reynolds has 6 rings and the wear and tear of starter-bullpen-starter-bullpen gave him only 182 victories in a short 13 year career. But he was a dominant pitcher in his time and two no-no’s in 1951 make him worthy.

I would say Reynolds over Hodges, but I will let Squawker Jon argue this in more detail.

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