How Bettors Can Win The Brady Comeback Story | Bucs Super Bowl Odds

Tom Brady Returns To Buccs

The news that broke the sports world just a few months ago has now reversed- Brady is back. Though not entirely surprising to people that have been keeping up with the NFL during the offseason, this news still caused a major upset in the betting world. The Bills may still be the favorites to win it all, but Brady coming back just gave the Bucs’ odds to win the Super Bowl a major boost. This article breaks down what that means for bettors and the best way to make some bread off of it.

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The Bucs Case For The Super Bowl

Before Brady announced the termination of his retirement, the Bucs already made a key move. They brought back Chris Godwin. That means that the core of the receiving corps is back, with an opportunity to improve it in the draft. With much of the rest of the team coming back and a talented roster besides, Brady reclaiming his spot as their starting QB puts them right back in the mix to be the best team in the league.

The Odds For The Bucs To Win The Super Bowl

The Buccaneers are currently the ninth most-likely team to win the Super Bowl, according to the oddsmakers. XBet is offering +1600 odds for the Bucs to win the Super Bowl. Of course, the news is still quite new and one would expect those odds to drop rather quickly, but even still, betting on the Bucs to win the Super Bowl may seem to be quite lucrative. However, despite the talented offense, the fairytale story, and the quite wonderful current odds of +1600, here is why you should not take the bet.

How Bettors Can Win The Brady Comeback Story

Let’s be honest- we all expect Brady’s return to send the Bucs up the odds list. How far is unclear, but regardless, it is likely that other teams will find themselves sliding. This is what bettors should pounce on.

Though the Buccaneers did re-sign Chris Godwin, they lost a guard to retirement and have some secondary woes. Sure, free agency is yet to begin and the draft is more than a month away, allowing many things to happen for their betterment. Unfortunately for them, other teams are better set up for success. AFC teams such as the Bengals and Chargers have a ton of talent already on their roster and plenty of cap space besides, while the key NFC team with talent and space is the Dallas Cowboys. Not only that, but the Chargers and Cowboys have higher positions in the draft than the Bucs do. Prognosis: Brady is back, but don’t bet on him to lead the Bucs to another Super Bowl ring.

Of course, bettors can bet on other things, such as who will win the NFC or the NFC South, but this too might prove to be a riskier pick than the odds portray. The Cowboys, Packers, Rams, and 49ers will all almost undoubtedly give the Bucs a run for their money. Though none are in their division and all are in a state of uncertainty it is likely that the Texans won’t send Watson to another AFC team, and two of the leading contenders for Watson are the Saints and the Panthers. Of course, both have their struggles outside of the quarterback position, but they also have a lot of talent. The Bucs will likely have to seriously contend for their division.

However, as I suggested above, the Bucs rising in the eyes of Vegas could have an upside for thoughtful bettors. Teams such as the Bills, Chargers, Broncos, Bengals, Chiefs, Cowboys, and Packers are all equally or more primed for success than the Buccaneers are, and with the possibility of decreasing odds for them to win titles, it may just be the ticket that bettors are always looking for.

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Where To Bet Against Brady And The Bucs | Sportsbooks with the Best NFL Odds

Though the above was partly a cautionary tale, it does point to some teams to think about. If you want to bet on Brady and the Bucs to win the Super Bowl, it’s important to shop for the best Super Bowl odds. While BetUS is offering only +750 odds for Tampa Bay to win it all, XBet is offering +1600 odds on the Bucs to win the Super Bowl.

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