How good is Trufant??

Interesting quick tidbit on Trufant. Not only did he play with an injured shoulder all season and just had surgery, but on top of the 5 picks and fumble recovery, did you know that this season, Trufant led the Seahawks with 96 tackles, 86 solo. He became just the second cornerback in NFL history to lead his team in tackles.

WOW. Think about that, 96 tackles, 86 solo? I think that was one of the things they knocked him for coming into the league, that he wasn’t the best tackler (but I can remember several times in 2002 where he came up and just stuck guys!). For a 2nd year corner who was terrific in his first year and now leads the team in tackles in his second year, on a team with no pass rush to speak of, well, all I can say is WOW. What a player. Oh yeah, he’s also a media darling around here and just truly a classy kid, top to bottom. We’re lucky not only as Coug fans but as Seahawk fans to watch him up close and personal.

Not much new on recruiting, as we near the final dead period before signing day next Wednesday. Will there be a Michael Bumpus surprise?? Remains to be seen.

Quick story on Bumpus I heard last year and how he became a Coug – If you remember, Bumpus was a USC commit last year right up until the final weekend, when USC suddenly landed the #1 receiver in the nation, Dwayne Jarrett, from New Jersey. Well, USC looked at their WR position, incredibly stocked, and they knew that it was not only likely Mike Williams was gone for good, but also that Jarrett had Williams-like ability to start as a true frosh. Plus, there were rumors making the rounds that Bumpus was not going to qualify. So, the last few days before signing day, Pete Carroll called Bumpus and said “hey, things have changed a little bit, and we’d prefer to have you grey shirt and enroll next year in January.” To which Bumpus said, “I don’t think so, I know I can play as a true frosh in the league, and I’ll prove it to you.” So he silently slipped in and out of Pullman for his final visit, a 100% secret that nobody knew about, and then on signing day, BAMN! He was announced in the first wave of recruits as a true shock. I remember listening to KJR and the publisher of, Chris Fetters, just being shocked that the Cougs swooped in late on him completely under the radar and landed a player of his quality. Fetters went on to say that Bumpus was already as good as UW’s Charles Frederick and has a much better upside. Pretty good call. So, who knows what happens here in the home stretch. You never know what surprises might shake down!

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