How Guy Boucher got his scar


Guy Boucher is a simple man.  One of his most distinguishing features, aside from the 1-3-1 play, is his facial scar.  He’s never really been comfortable with discussing anything related to it.  In honor of his departure from the Tampa Bay Lightning, we here at Barry Melrose Rocks would like to offer our own theories behind that famous scar.

  • ·         When he was younger, he hurt his leg and was bored, so he took up knitting as a way to pass the time.   One day, when he was really concentrating on knitting one while purling two, he sneezed and took a knitting needle to the face.
  • ·         One night, he saved a bunch of orphans from a burning building.  Suddenly, he was surrounded by a pack of rabid wolves, but he fought them off with his bare hands.  This night later inspired the movie The Grey, but Boucher was never comfortable with the publicity.  It’s what anyone would have done.
  • ·         He was ironing his shirt in a hotel, and room service came.  In his eager sprint for the door, he tripped on the cord and got an iron to the face.
  • ·         Boucher’s a really big fan of The Walking Dead, so he dressed as a walker for ComiCon.  He just can’t get that fake scar makeup off his face, no matter how hard he scrubs.
  • ·         He tried to go deer hunting…using only MIND BULLETS.
  • ·         He was decorating the Christmas tree one year, and there was an accident with the star.  He doesn’t like to talk about it.
  • ·         There was this one really weird summer when he worked with a traveling carnival in the freak show and…he’d just rather not talk about it.  Just beware of fire eaters and sword swallowers.
  • ·         He had to defend Steven Stamkos’s honor one night.   One of the girls in Stamkos’s NHL 12 party/orgy got a little rough and rowdy with her stiletto heels.
  • ·          There was a fight at the bar one night when they ran out of Bud Light Lime.
  • ·         Let’s just say the Ice Girls aren’t always smiles and pompom shaking.
  • ·         Steve Yzerman tossed him out on his ass and his cheek caught on the revolving door.

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