How Lowe can Pedro go?

Hypothetical question: Who should we re-sign to a contract, assuming we can only sign one of the following two people?
The Groundskeeper?
I put some major categories that I thought each person should be measured by to decide who should be re-signed.
Past. Future. Make-up. Dollars.
A quick, cursory glace at their career statistics blow D-Lowe out of the water with Pedro doing the shooting. A lifetime 166-67 Won-Loss Record, 2.58 ERA, in 2,079 innings pitched. Lowe, on the other hand, is 58-47 in 907.3 innings pitched with a 3.57 ERA. (This is misleading because Lowe was primarily a reliever for most of his career so far. That is why we don’t just focus on the past.)
Edge: Pedro in a runaway.
Pedro Martinez’s baseball age will be 32, and will have not topped 200 innings since 2000, his last true great year before his shoulder started threatening his career. However, his ERA is as microsopic as ever and reports filter out that he has been a maniac in his workout regime. Derek Lowe’s baseball age will be 31, and will be two years removed from a stellar 21-8, 2.58 ERA season and four years removed from being the Rolaids Relief Man of the Year winner. Lowe slumped last year, but that can be attributable to his skin cancer, which set him back a month conditioning and baseball-wise. Pedro Martinez is one huge question mark for innings but with guaranteed results. Lowe is just a gajillion question marks. Will he flop? Will he be 2002 again? 2003?
Edge: Pedro just edges Lowe.
Pedro. Won’t be quiet about his contract. Used to love to joke around with his teammates. (Remember him being taped to the dugout pole? The Yoda mask?) But since Jimy has left, Pedro has withdrawn in his shell. He might still be the same person, but we don’t see it. We can’t judge correctly because we don’t know the inside of the clubhouse, but on the outside he is aloof and hates the media. Lowe is just a whiner. Loves to give up, do his famed hangdog face. Gets excited easily and rides the wave of euphoria that the team goes through … or the wave of despair. Accomodates the media. Fun-loving.
Edge: Wash. Lowe’s more maddening. Pedro’s just an enigma, and we can’t judge him properly.
Lowe’s agent is Scott Boras. Pedro has admitted he will have to take a substantial pay-cut because of the economy. Lowe could POSSIBLY be percieved as insecure, which would make him settle for more years at less money. Pedro will go for the short contract with the dollars. Pedro has a questionable history, Lowe a questionable make-up. Who will cost more? Pedro. (Unless Lowe bounces back to 2002 form.)
Edge: Lowe
Who, indeed?
Taking all the factors into consideration, plus a sense of what the team needs, I say sign Pedro and let Lowe walk if need be. Pedro pretty much personifies the Red Sox, draws a crowd, and just shuts down the opponent. If he can come back at age 32 and pitch 3-4 more seasons around 190 innings pitched, he will be untouchable. Pedro has stated he is not going to hang around the game and try and stretch his career out. That fits in with the Sox’s philosophy of trying to keep contracts to 2- or 3-year maximums (not including extenuating circumstances, such as the Foulke Hero). Pedro also gotten a bad rap by the media, especially last year. The media made him look like a money-grubbing, loyalty-be-damned kind of player. But when Pedro finally got to talk without having his comments mixed up or chopped up, you could see he really cared for the Red Sox.
Yes, give me Pedro.

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