How Much Would It Cost To Go To The 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome?

How Much Would It Cost To Go To The 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome?

Key Highlights:

  • General admission ticket prices for Ryder Cup 2023 range from €50 and €260
  • Attending Ryder Cup 2023 in Rome will cost U.S. travelers approximately $5,500
  • Cost to attend Ryder Cup 2023 in Rome is still 42% cheaper than Super Bowl 2024 tickets

For most golf fans, a flight across the globe to take part in the four-day Ryder Cup event in Rome would qualify as the trip of a lifetime.

Though the action begins on Friday, September 30, the opening ceremonies for the biennial event begin on Thursday.

For Americans looking to travel to the event at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club, the price of going will cost a pretty penny. However, the price to travel to Europe and attend the three-day event is still cheaper than attending the Super Bowl.

In fact, two golf fans can travel from the U.S. to Rome for the cost of a single ticket to Super Bowl 2024 on the secondary market.

Ryder Cup 2023 Ticket Prices

For the first time ever, the Ryder Cup will be hosted in Italy. The Marco Simone Golf and Country Club sits just outside of Rome and will host the iconic tournament for the first time.

Americans looking to travel to the event will need to consider airfare and accommodations but the actual tickets for the Ryder Cup are affordable.

There are different packages available ranging from general admission to the premium experience. For general admission ticket prices vary between €50 and €260 while the premium experience packages cost upwards of €1500, depending on the amount of extras added to the package like food, drinks, and more.

General admission tickets range from €50 and €260 per single day and there are packages are offered to fans looking to enjoy the three-day experience from Friday to Sunday.

Check out the list below for the five premium packages available at the 2023 Ryder Cup at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club.

  1. Captains Club: Priced at €895 per person.
  2. The Champions Pavilion: Available at €495 per person.
  3. Premium Suites: The price for these suites is provided upon application.
  4. Founders Lounge: Priced at €1295 per person.
  5. The Vista Box: Available for €990 per person.

How Much Would It Cost To Go To Ryder Cup in Rome?

For a total of three days, fans can get an immersive experience on the golf course at the 2023 Ryder Cup, including food and drinks for less than $1500.

While Americans will need to factor in flight and accommodations, the average cost per traveler is around $5,500 for general admission tickets at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club.

The cost to travel and go to the Ryder Cup in Italy is less than the cost of just attending the Super Bowl.

For Super Bowl 2024, tickets on the secondary market in the nosebleeds are going for $9,500 a seat and that’s not including any accommodations or food. Just one seat alone will cost as much as two people traveling to Rome to attend the 2023 Ryder Cup.

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