How Quickly We Forget: Foulke Is The Answer

What is it with people and their lack to see beyond one year? This is prevalent not only with the fans and the media, but people in baseball as well.
Let’s recap. We have a pitcher with a career 3.23 ERA, 190 saves, and a 1.05 WHIP as the closer for your team. He hadn’t had an era above 2.97 since the age of 25, in his first full relief pitching year, when he had an ERA of 4.13. In the previous year, he threw 83 innings with 32 saves (and the year before that had 43 saves) and in his career postseason stats, a 2.53 ERA. He pitched the division and ALCS playoff games without giving up one run in nine innings (a harmless homerun, the first hit by the opposing team since the third inning, to a future Hall-of-Famer). In the World Series, he appeared in EVERY SINGLE GAME and gave up only one run. He won the World Series for your team. He was one of the most instrumental pitchers all year long, and his contribution to the postseason run has been overlooked in favor of some guy who stole a base and someone who had two game-winning hits.
But where would that stolen base and game-winning hit have come from if not for Keith Foulke?
Let’s recap, shall we?

Keith Foulke is absolutely locked in right now

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