How the Cowboys Will Defeat the Packers

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys

It’s been revealed, with a Dallas Cowboys victory over the Green Bay Packers, the Atlanta Falcons will travel to AT&T Stadium next week.

The Falcons dismantled a depleted Seahawks team and have advanced to the NFC Championship game.

Now it is the Cowboys turn to squash the Packers and join the Falcons for the Conference title.

For the Cowboys, here’s what we need to do to win the game:

  • Control the clock, and that means a heavy dose of Ezekiel Elliott. Zeke has not been fed in weeks, so you can bet the beast is hungry and he will feast on the Packers defense. Feed Zeke.
  • Harass Aaron Rodgers. When you get in his face Rodgers will turn the ball over and get visibly frustrated.
  • Unleash David Irving. The ability to split the tackle and guard is a nice move Irving possesses, but his long wingspan makes him a dangerous pass rusher from the edge as well. Look for Irving to duplicate his game changing performance from week 6 when he caused 3 forced fumbles.
  • Terrell McClain will gobble up the interior of the line along with Maliek Collins, and the biggest benefactor of this duo will be Sean Lee. Look for Lee to be able to go sideline-to-sideline and slice into the backfield. We need a signature Sean Lee game.
  • Exploit the Packers decimated secondary. The Packers will have a hell of a task in game planning against Dez Bryant this time around. Dez was absent in the first meeting. With Dez on the field, look for big splash plays from the rest of the pass catchers.
  • We must use Darren McFadden instead of Lance Dunbar. You can bet Capers will come up with blitz packages and we better have a back that will put his body in there for the block, Dunbar is not that guy.
  • Keep the foot to the metal when we have the lead. I do not want to see us go up with a lead and then let up. Stay aggressive and keep attacking Aaron Rodgers.
  • Give me a statement game. I’ve seen more than enough media people pick the Packers and picking the Falcons the following week. We did not get the #1 seed out of no where, and it is time to remind the world. Make a statement and obliterate the Packers.
  • Convert our 3rd downs and we’ll be golden. Turn those into long clock draining drives with points, preferably touchdowns.
  • Let Dak Prescott continue to do what he does best and we’ll be fine. He’s been smart with the ball and ran the ball when needed. If he keeps doing all these things, we win again.
  • Demarcus Lawrence needs to give us a big game, he’s had several weeks off, so get it going and get home.
  • Limit the Packers splash plays. Last week the Giants gave up too many big splash plays and the score reflected it. Limit the big plays, but make big plays on our side and the victory will be ours.

For more on my thoughts on the game, be sure to check out our video on the big matchup. Click play below.

Let’s go Dallas, let’s get the win! FINSH THIS FIGHT.


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