How to live stream Super Bowl 2019 on Kodi

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets

A rematch of an iconic game, 17 years in the making: the upcoming Super Bowl LIII has football fans clamouring for seats – even if just in front of their own television sets.

People in the US and the world over look for streams, with official broadcasts being few. Luckily, multimedia platform Kodi has everyone covered.

Kodi is a big name when it comes to home entertainment, and for good reason. You might know how the Kodi software lets you stream your favourite content from music to films all in one place, on practically any and all of your devices.

You might even already know that it’s completely free: from live television to entire seasons of binge-worthy television series, sports, and even audio content like music and podcasts, all while being fully customizable.

Viewers rely on Add-Ons for sourcing their content, and these can let you stream the Super Bowl live from the comfort of your own couch without missing a single moment of the action. In fact there is even, which provides tips to enhance your Kodi experience.

Read on, and come February 3rd, you’ll be all set to go.

First: Use a VPN

Before all else, it is essential to armour up with a VPN connection.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) gives you anonymity and digital ‘mobility’ by presenting your connection as being from somewhere other than your actual IP address.

It protects you in a two-fold way; from websites looking to restrict your content based on your region, and from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocking your bandwidth and connection speed on streaming or torrenting websites at their discretion.

You can usually tell if a VPN meets your need by a quick glance at a good review – Our recommendation is ExpressVPN.

Using a VPN on Kodi can both give you buffer-free streaming and protect your IP from being flagged by your ISP when using a third-party add-on with pirated content. Most ISPs are proactive about blocking material they see as copyrighted, but with a VPN, not only will your ISP fail to pick up on this activity, but it won’t be traceable back to you by the websites either.

So, why do I need these Add-ons?

Since Kodi by itself is merely the platform, users rely on add-ons and repositories to actually provide the content. Kodi is renowned, in fact, because of its large number of supported add-ons – official and unofficial, providing everything from sports and documentaries to niche films with a cult following.

This guide will break it down for the Super Bowl coverage by those categories; official and unofficial.

Please note that these official add-ons can work anywhere with a VPN, but without one, your server would be likely to block them. The unofficial add-ons might also run similar risks without a VPN involved. Thus, the importance of simply using a VPN cannot be understated.

Super Bowl Official Add-Ons

Most of the top add-ons that’ll offer premium sports content run on a subscription model that allows you to use them outside their countries. Of these, the most noteworthy would be the NFL Game Pass, that allows replays, game stats, and other exclusive interactable content.

However, ExpressVPN lets you stream geo-blocked content, the BBC iPlayer is the way to go because of their exclusive streaming rights to the Super Bowl for the UK. Other alternatives include USTVNOW and PlayOn, all of which give you access to multiple channels from where you can follow CBS’s coverage of the Super Bowl on the day of.

Super Bowl Unofficial Add-Ons

Unofficial add-ons (which you can download from their official repositories and install) offer a much more comfortable variety of options for the big day.

The top three most recommendable ones, in no particular order, would be Channel PEAR, Platinum Smart IPTV, and Ultra IPTV.

However, specifically for sports, we would urge you to look into SportsDevil, SportsAccess, cCloud TV, Castaway, and Pro Sports. As streams might go down sometimes, it’s a good idea to install the best ones you find to keep them handy in case of a contingency.

Installation: unofficial Add-Ons

Installing an add-on, whichever one, is simple. The ‘setup’ files, known as repositories, can be found on the Kodi website at (or from the official sites of the repositories), but also directly downloaded from within the app.

To install unofficial Add-Ons, you might need to authorize their usage from your Kodi settings first.

Click on the gear-shaped icon within your app, and it’ll take you to the System Menu. Select System Settings and under Add-Ons, toggle the Unknown sources option. If a warning message pops up, read it and accept.

Installation: official Add-Ons

Simply head over to the Add-Ons tab in the app, and select the Package Installer Icon. Once there, click on Install from Repository and choose Kodi Add-On Repository. Here you can select and download the add-on of your choice.

If you downloaded your repository from another source online, click on Install from Zip File from the Add-Ons menu.

All the installed Add-Ons will show up in the Video Add-Ons menu after enabling them. Happy viewing!

Not enough information on how to watch Super Bowl? Visit VPNpro to read a complete guide.

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