How will these 2 trades affect the Kings?


As you know, we are only a few days away from the NBA trade deadline and today some teams made moves to improve their roster.

Then Tobias Harris had this to say:

That was interesting….. Then the second trade fell through:


My initial reaction to the Pistons acquiring Harris was, “wow, they really got the better end of it.” The Pistons have Reggie Jackson holding it down at the point guard position, so losing Brandon Jennings is not a big deal. Ersan Ilyasova was simply a cap filler. So no value there in my opinion. Therefore, I’m really interested to see how much better the Pistons will get and how much noise will they make in the playoffs.

So then it seemed as if the Magic were giving up their young talents for older veterans. A bunch of fans and including some local media members suggested that the Kings should call the Magic to inquire about Victor Oladipo. I simply didn’t see what the Kings had to offer for the young versatile player. Then came this report from a reliable journalist that covers the Magic on a daily basis:  



The Kings realistically don’t have the assets the Magic would want in return. But if the basketball Gods show mercy on the Kings and land a talent like Oladipo, it would be the biggest (trade) acquisition since Chris Webber. That’s how high I am on Oladipo’s pure talent. He would definitely help the Kings immediately on the defensive end and is already a solid offensive player.

My initial thoughts on the second trade:

If the Memphis Grizzlies ever had any real interest in McLemore, don’t expect them to inquire about the Kansas product anymore. PJ Hairston fills that void already and any chances of the Kings landing a guy like Tony Allen diminished very quickly.

Like I stated in my last article, don’t believe everything you read. Especially from guys who don’t represent an outlet with credibility. I saw some crazy tweets from guys that don’t even work with an outlet and proclaim themselves as “insiders.”

Sources have confirmed to Cowbell Kingdom that the Cleveland Cavaliers are very interested in McLemore but the question remains: Is Vlade Divac interested in any of the players the Cavaliers have to offer in return? I don’t believe a guy like Iman Shumpert will make Divac pull the trigger. But we shall see.

An interesting note to take is that McLemore and Kosta Koufos are represented by Rich Paul from the Klutch Sports Group. McLemore and LeBron James are good friends and James has always been a fan of McLemore’s talent. It will be an interesting next couple of days.



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