I tried to write about the hearing yesterday but I am just not inspired by it. I had notes and a start but I gave up. I just wasn’t feeling it and if I didn’t get it up tonight, there really was no point in writing it.

In other news….


As much as I love the Flyers and Emery, I am a little leary about this. Has Emery learned his lesson? Can he buckle down enough to let his on ice skills shine through? Does he have what it takes to be a #1 in the NHL again? I am glad the Flyers signed him to a one year deal. It says, don’t screw up, this is your last chance.

Could you imagine a bench clearing brawl involving Ray Emery and Daniel Carcillo?!? Oh man, that is the things dreams are made of! Ok… maybe my dreams.

I read someone’s opinion that said Emery could be the Flyers new Hextall. I don’t know if I agree with that but if Emery can be half the goalie Hextall was, I would be one happy camper!

I am so totally going to have to figure out how to afford a trip to Philly and a ticket to the Flyers next season. I believe they will be coming to Phoenix also, but once a season is just not enough!!!!

OMG, can the season start already??


Photo from: Flyers on the Fly’s Twitter Account

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