I am so much more than just a hockey fan

Recently my boyfriend and I were discussing the reactions of people to the lockout and it got me thinking. What I say here will probably not be welcomed by some. I admit that compared to some I may have a very unpopular opinion. I think that fans who spend all their time whining about how the lockout is ruining their lives need to gain some perspective. There are a few that I have seen that constantly complain about no hockey (and talk of nothing else) on twitter. This is a small majority. Most people seem to have a grip on reality.

To those few:
Your life isn’t over. You most likely do not gain your livelihood from hockey and therefore are not monetarily affected. In fact, if you’re a season ticket holder you will end up ahead. Teams are giving you interest on the money you’ve already paid. For some their income is dependent on hockey games. I have friends who want the season to start as soon as possible so they can work at the arena and earn a paycheck. These are the people that are truly affected by the lockout.

If the lockout truly pissed you off and you want to “stick it” to the NHL or show them how you feel… don’t come back when the lockout is over. Do not financially support the NHL. Let your money really speak for you. The owners and players don’t care what you bitch about on twitter. Showing up at an empty arena in your jersey on opening night isn’t going to help. They care about the bottom line. Did I make money today? This whole lockout is about money. If they get less from the fans they would notice. They will care if the fans leave and don’t come back. 

As for myself I am enjoying the extra time. The weather in Phoenix is perfect right now so I am training for a 5K in November. I am meeting friends to have coffee outdoors. I am going to the State Fair for the first time since living in Phoenix. I am watching all those movies I didn’t get to see last hockey season. I am planning hiking trips. I am so much more than just a hockey fan. Do I love hockey? Of course but I love so many other things. I am not going to get depressed over not having hockey for a month or two. I am going to enjoy what else life has to offer me. 

And this time I will come back right away. After the 2004 lockout I didn’t come back until I moved to Phoenix in 2006. The NHL lost me for two years because I had nothing invested. I lived in Wisconsin, my team was in Philadelphia. I wasn’t a season ticket holder. I found other things to keep me busy in 2004 and kept on doing them when hockey came back. Now I have money invested in a team, money that is earning 5% interest. Of course I am not going to let that go.

I also realize what Fehr did for baseball many years ago. He is a smart man and isn’t going to waste a season unless it was absolutely necessary for the players he represents. This isn’t MLB 1994. This is NHL 2012. There is no need to lose an entire season and both sides know it.

I’ll see you at the rink in a month or two. In the mean time, go enjoy life.

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