I am so sick of the ignorant arguments coming from Canadians

I have a new theory as to why the Canadians want our US teams. They are sick of losing year after year to US teams in the Stanley Cup finals and maybe even in general. When was the last time a Canadian team, any one of them, won the cup? Like 1993. Wow, 16 whole years. Ok, minus one for the lockout and I included this year as the winner is going to be another AMERICAN team.

If Balsillie really wants another team, maybe he can go buy one in Russia, then we wont have to deal with him anymore. Oh wait, according to him and all Canadians, Canada is the only place that deserves to have hockey. Nevermind… guess that idea won’t work. I guess the only solution is to relocate each and every American team to Canada.

What most Canadians don’t get (because they have never been here and are making ASSumptions based on biased news stories and the games on tv) is that this can, and will be, a hockey town with the right management/owner. The team is starting to come together. The last two seasons we have been close to the playoffs. We have improved. This is a team close the being winners. This is a team, with the right direction, that will be a winner. This could be why the Canadians want our team; they see the potential and look at it as another way to end their 16 year drought.

Some say we only get 6,000 people at a game. Bull shit. Have you ever been to a game at the arena? I doubt it. The first few rows you see on tv are less full then other areas of the arena. Those are the most expensive and mostly corporate seats. I have watched other games on tv, like the red wings, whose arena looks empty because all you can see is about the first eight rows. But that doesn’t mean there is no one at the game.

They also believe the bias media that claims our booster club has 57 members. I know for a fact that this number is about 300 members off. This also is not a good measure for how many fans there are in Phoenix either. I, for one, am not a member. I chose not to be involved in the Booster Club. I have my reasons why but those are not relevant to this blog. I know others who aren’t members for the same reason. This makes the number of members in the booster club irrelevant. How many people are in the booster club is not indicative of how many fans the Coyotes have.

Most Canadians apparently can’t comprehend what a grassroots campaign is either. Have they never had anything like that in Canada? Have they never had protests and candlelight vigils for wars? Have they never tried to get their voices heard amongst the rest of the world? We are one small part of the United States, a city, versus all of Canada. Of course they will have more people for their campaign. They also have a BILLIONAIRE behind their campaign. We have everyday people fighting for their team. I know some of these people and they aren’t rich in anyway but will support their team anyway they know how. We are not affiliated with anyone but ourselves. We are doing this alone. We don’t have a Balsillie or an entire country to back us. Hell, even some of our own are turning on us. What is up with that Kevin Smith??

And no one is saying Canada doesn’t deserve another team, we are just saying they don’t deserve OURS.

Spread the word, spread the love, spread the hockey.

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