I Love This Game

I did the deed for SLAM tonight, so for my recap of the Orlando/Cleveland tilt go here. The only other thing I have to say about that game that I didn’t mention over at SLAM was how refreshing it was to see some critical fourth quarter calls go against LeBron. Nothing personal against the King – its just that it is (rightfully) assumed that the superstars of the League have all the calls go their way. So when James got called for back-to-back charges early in the fourth, along with a travelling call with less than a minute left, it was refreshing.

I Love This Game
Now if you haven’t enjoyed the playoffs thus far you probably aren’t a basketball fan – so get the hell off of my site! Just kidding – I welcome all the traffic I can get. But, seriously, this round of the playoffs has just been remarkable. Free Darko was just talking about historic moments in NBA playoff history. Well tonight LeBron had his. His game-winning three probably is being edited into a commercial as I type these words.


But this is just one remarkable moment of these playoffs. We’ve had close games, highlight reel plays, and probably most importantly to the “powers-that-be” (aka The Man), some of the League’s brightest stars twinkling in the night sky. LeBron, Kobe, Dwight, Pau, Chauncey and Carmelo were all named on the All-NBA teams this year, and all are still slugging it out on the big stage. And if Kobe and LeBron end up meeting in the Finals, David Stern might spontaneously combust due to his excitement.

I Love This Game
Perhaps most telling of how good the playoffs have been, I’ve been willing to stay up past my bedtime to watch the games. Now that’s saying something. This really is where amazing happens.

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