I’m back and the fists are up!

It’s on. I was a little MIA these last few days but I have seen what is going on out there in cyber space and I am ready to fight to the death for my Coyotes.

I have been reading the comments on Save the Coyotes that try to discredit the Coyotes. You know what? I have an answer to every single one of your overused, already been heard arguments. And I am posting them.

Given time, hockey will grow in Phoenix. We have been here how long compared to some of the Canadian teams? It’s lifetimes of difference and thus you cannot compare! It’s like trying to compare apples to oranges. With proper owners and coaches, these players will go far.

This blog is going to take on a different look until the future of my team is stabilized. I know the name of the blog is hip checks but my banner will be a “Save the Coyotes” one until we get out team on stable ice (ahahahaha, see… I still have a sense of humor).

If you want to show off your support for the Coyotes, you can purchase a “Keep it Six” shirts (and other various items) here. Any proceeds from sales will be going to the Coyotes Booster Club. They are working out the details with how best to use that money, most likely the money will be used toward the tickets for kids program. You will be doing not one but two good deeds by supporting the “Keep it Six” campaign.

If you have a problem with the Coyotes staying in Phoenix, you have a problem with me. I don’t give up easily, I always have to have the last word and I’m stubborn. What can I say… the Irish in me comes out at times.

For those that don’t know I am not a Phoenician by birth. I moved here about 3 years ago and instantly became a Coyotes fan. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and followed the Flyers ever since I can remember. My senior year, we got a hockey player arrested, among other things. He couldn’t stand our taunting. Our athletic director wasn’t too happy either and the following year tickets were not available to students unless a parent gave it to them. So as you can see, I am very passionate about hockey. Always have been, always will be. This is nothing new to me.

Hockey has been a part of my life for many, many years and I will not roll over and let some Canadian slime ball take my team. You want a team Balsillie? How about you try getting one that doesn’t step on anyone’s toes? You might have better luck. You know the saying “nice guys finish last”? That’s not always true. Have you ever heard of a gentleman’s agreement or other such arrangements? Sometimes in business you need to be cordial and follow the rules. Being reckless and offending those in charge isn’t always the way to go. Remember the toes you step on today could be the ass you kiss tomorrow.

That is all I have for now. I will not go easily. I will not give up. It’s not part of who I am. I fight for what I believe in and I believe hockey belongs in Phoenix.

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