I’m going to try to keep this up again!

I’ve been absent for awhile. I wasnt sure I wanted to continue this blog. First I went to Vegas and got behind, then I got sick and fell even farther behind. And I will be heading out Friday for DC.

But I came back and saw someone left me a comment asking to write more, so I will do that. If someone wants to read what I write, so be it (i just will not tolerate nasty comments directed at me)

On a side note, I got to meet Ryan Suter after the game thrusday (nice guy, he didnt have to stop and get a pic with a coyotes fan but he did). Unfortunatly for me, I lost the picture (i used a new memory card and apparently its got something wrong with it). I also lost the pics i took during the game and warmups.

In other news, Carcillo should be back on the ice. He played two games with the Rampage this weekend. He got 2 assists and the game winner and no PIMs.

Currently Im watching the All-Star game. Kind of boring. I like the big hits. Nabby is of course outstanding. But its making me excited to go watch the Caps take on Atlanta next saturday.

And the yotes are currently batteling for that magical 8th playoff spot. I know we can do it, the problem is we have a tough schedule coming up, all of February we see pretty much the same few teams, most of whom are in the same battle we are.

Oh wow, i now have seen it all, a marching band on ice. WTF?

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