Incredibly Stupid Fans

It’s that time again… The best of the anti-Coyotes tweets. As this is an on-going series in progress I have made some changes. I was inspired for a title by a comment on the last post. Good? Bad? Rework it? I also tried to group tweets into categories and added my own smart ass responses for entertainment purposes. I appreciate positive, constructive feed back on these changes. Enjoy!

As usual, tweets copied and pasted directly from twitter. Spelling and grammer are as they were found on twitter.

Thrashers Fans Got Jokes!

Darryl Mills ‏ @ABBigBluJetsfan
@rdrunnerxxx @pamyotesfan @nhlwinnipeg Coyotes fans?!?!?! What are those?!Are they like Area 51, people say they exist but they really don’t

rdrunner ‏ @rdrunnerxxx
@ABBigBluJetsfan @pamyotesfan @nhlwinnipeg easy there cowboy.#coyotes have at least a few dozen fans!! Some go to the games at times.

Yes… we are aliens. We came to this planet to take over Canadian hockey and bring it back to our home planet. We will enslave the Canadians and force them to play on our home planet.

Aaron Colon ‏ @freshair_04
“@NHLWinnipeg: Random question but how much does the average#Coyotes fan weigh?” Trick Question, there are no Coyotes fans.

Har har har. That was so original. I don’t think we have ever heard anything close to it! At least it wasn’t a lame fat joke.

Relocation humor:

Charles Gauthier ‏ @DowntownCharles
Loved hearing a few weeks ago that #coyotes could move to Saskatoon. Would be great to have another Cdn team. #canucks#sportsnet

Saskatoon? Really? LOL

JCL Boudreau ‏ @JCLBoudreau
#NHL deputy commish, #Glendale spokeswoman both say there’s nothing new to share on #Coyotes negotiations.” // #Nordiques#nhlrelocation

Keep dreaming Quebec, keep dreaming.

Attendance Complaints:

randy e votava ‏ @randallevee
I wonder if Jobing.Com Arena will tarp off sections to save on clean-up costs after #yotes games? #gojetsgo

Yes, that is exactly what they do. That way they also save on usher and security costs. The NHL is cheap… what can you do?

austinbri ‏ @austinbri
@Russostrib How do the #Yotes survive in Phoenix with crowds like that? #cuetumbleweed

What? You mean we have small crowds all the time? Like we never have a sell out? Damn, you could have fooled me. I thought the attendance in Dallas and Anaheim look worse but you aren’t asking how they survive.

Brace Hemmelgarn ‏ @bracehemmelgarn
11,000+ in attendance at the #Coyotes and #mnwild game in Phoenix last night. 17,000+ at the MN HS State Hockey Tournament today.#hmmm

Josh Williams ‏ @Josh_Williams6
About 3X the #coyotes normal attendance RT @Kyndra620: MN state HS hockey tourney! This is how we do it in MN!

Maybe if all the Minnesota transplants to Phoenix supported the Coyotes and went to all the games the attendance figure would be the same at your little high school tournament. There are plenty of transplants here who ONLY go to their teams games. Support the local team.

Daniel Blanchet ‏ @mxdan316
#CrowdWatch in Phoenix tonight against #Sharks #Coyotes#Nordiques

Daniel Blanchet ‏ @mxdan316
14,994 personnes annoncé à Phoenix ce soir #Coyotes#CrowdWatch #Nordiques

Daniel Blanchet ‏ @mxdan316
Announced attendance in Phoenix tonight 14,994 #Coyotes#CrowdWatch Why did TV hid the crowd then? Not that bad eh?

Oh yes, only about 1300 short of a sell out on a night when the Suns played amongst all the other activities going on in Phoenix and the surrounding cities. SO TERRIBLE. I hang my head in shame.

Conspiracy Theorist Run Rampant… Better Call Jesse “The Body” Ventura!

BRETT IRELAND ‏ @RockmanHalo
@NHL helping its golden boys out with the soft calls here. #CBJ#refyousuck #yotes

Amccloy ‏ @amccloy14
@Yotes1912 Seriously. Nice to see another 4-1 PP advantage for the NHL owned #Coyotes in their loss last night #fixisin @tmac69_in_yyc

Kirk Pitaoulis ‏ @KirkPita
@walshtodd @BizNasty2point0 the @NHL must have a lot of cash to throw around! I mean having a private jet for their #coyotes! Wow!

Carnell Turton ‏ @carnellsitka
“@walshtodd: The duel on the tarmac….hockey style. #coyotes#sharks” how the hell do yotes afford a plane

Yes because the Coyotes are supposed to travel the US and Canada on a broken down bus. Hate to break it to you but Slap Shot wasn’t real, neither is Major League. Those are works of fiction.

Rafal Zacharski ‏ @GambleVII
@NHL I have seen the #Coyotes on the #NHL36 like 4 times now.#Coincidence much?

Yes it is because the NHL owns the Coyotes. It was nothing to do with going to the playoffs the last two years, being in the playoff run this season and going 11-0-1 in February and then beating the flailing Sharks 3-0. Nope, totally because we are “owned” by the NHL. Way to uncover the great conspiracy. Your mother must be so proud.

Jealous bitches get stitches

Travis Yost ‏ @TravisHeHateMe
That’s just dumb. RT @ArponBasu: Under Dave Tippett, the#Coyotes are 94-12-4 when scoring the game’s first goal #wowza

Jealous much that a fellow Canadian is making an American team in the desert win? A team that is supposed to suck and come crawling back to the motherland? Awwww, you are! That’s so cute!

Coyotes Fans tweets:
These are tweets I found funny or just plain relevant at the time. All are in support of Coyotes. You need to have a little good mixed in with the bad.

Ben Shroyer ‏ @BenShroyer
This is a nightmare right? I’m going to wake up and it’s going to be feb 29th right? #Coyotes

Luke Lapinski ‏ @LukeLapinski
If Whitney keeps producing at his current pace, he’ll reach 1000 career pts in the last regular season game. No more math for me.#Coyotes

Todd Walsh ‏ @walshtodd
Welcome to the worst case scenario for the #coyotes. Down a goal in the blink of an eye. Or more like..another turnover.

Todd Walsh ‏ @walshtodd
My bad. That wasn’t worse…2-0 behind is. This has been par for the course for the #coyotes. Next 50 minutes must be epic.

Michael Kasher ‏ @kash2112
#Coyotes need large doses of Viagra during intermission.#HockeyTheSoftWay
Benny J ‏ @JohnsBenjamin
Officially a #Coyotes fan, fun environment, team hustles, good shit.

Greg ‏ @gregdunaway
“Stranded” yeah, #Coyotes fans are stranded with a disinterested media, 3 years of “fuck you fans” & we still show up. /steps off soapbox

Ian Berg ‏ @ianberg
I saw someone wearing an old Hawerchuck #Jets jersey at #Flamesgame. Does he know that franchise still exists? #Coyotes

Patrick Lauder ‏ @phxpatrick
Crowd was wound-up, waiting to explode with a score, and the#Coyotes obliged! Great crowd reaction! #greatfans

Shaun M ‏ @ShaunMcG21
No arena equals no NHL. RT @mcmikex Dear #Coyotes Lowest attend in NHL x lowest avg tix price in NHL = #Nordiques in 2013

Ben Shroyer ‏ @BenShroyer
Does anyone else catch the irony of playing a song from West Side Story, during the #Sharks and #Coyotes 1st intermission?

Ben Fidler ‏ @benfidler
Guy on front of me w/ Sharks jersey. His kid has a #Coyotes jersey. That’s how the fanbase has to grow in AZ.

I am still trying to figure out how to get the twitter names to keep the link to their account. I have tried several ways but joomla doesn’t cooperate with an easy solution. I’d have to insert a hyperlink for each and everyone. I will keep working at it. :

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