Interview with Red Sox Asst. Director of Amateur Scouting

Hello everyone. My name is Michael Flatt and Evan gave me the opportunity to post on FireBrand while he is away on vacation. I am also on vacation, but was able to get Amiel Sawdaye, Red Sox Asst. Director of Amateur Scouting, to answer a few of my interview questions before I posted this entry.
The interview is not every long, but I will promise a more in-depth interview with Mr. Sawdaye when I get back from vacation. As Asst. Director of Amateur Scouting, Amiel has a BIG role in who the Red Sox draft so I’ll be sure to get his opinions on the 2005 Red Sox draftees in our next interview.
Anyway, here is the interview with Amiel:
Mike Flatt: As Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting, what are you responsible for? What do you mostly concentrate on?
Amiel Sawdaye: I am responsible for everything surrounding the First Year Player Draft. That includes all the logistics, managing the information, coordinating with the commissioner

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