Iowa Wolves Defeat The Magic 96-92: Fan Reactions

Nov-04-2017 21-25-57

Dear (Timber)Wolves fans,

Here are the results of today’s Wolves game:

I’m not here to recap the games. You could read about it elsewhere.

What I’m here to do, and what I’ll be doing for every game, is document your reactions—yes, you Iowa Wolves fans!—-during the game and after the game.

You may be wondering, “Why am I doing this?” Here’s the reason, and it’s pretty straightforward when you think about it: I want to represent your voices, Iowa Wolves fans, as often as I can, in each of my posts.

I don’t care if you have two likes or one retweet—or none at all! If you had something to say, be it observations, reflections or, better yet, impulsive reactions, I’ll be looking your thoughts.

So with that said, and I’ve said enough already, let’s get to your reactions!

During The Game…

(Some) Wolves Highlights:

Iowa Wolves Fans:

After The Game…

Iowa Wolves Media/Blogosphere:

Iowa Wolves Fans:

The rest is history.


Go (Timber)Wolves! Get your howl on.

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