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Frank Vitovitch, UHND: If there was only one thing that the coaching staff could address and fix during the bye week, what would you want it to be? What happens if the staff isn’t able to correct that one thing between now and two weeks from now?

The offensive line. Word is, is that they are making some adjustments across the line and it is going to be needed during the rest of the season. Brian Kelly wants to be able to run the football (totally serious you guys) but to do that, the offensive line has to do more than just dance with the guy across from them like this was some strange gladiator movie.

What happens? Well, what happens when you can’t run the football consistently? You lose games.

Ryan Ritter, Her Loyal Sons: What’s your temperature after this game? Happy because a win is a win or upset with poor play against or are you somewhere completely different?

Even though I promised myself after the 2012 season that I would savor every win regardless of the “style,” the win over Purdue left me found wanting. I really wanted more to hang our hats on heading into the bye as opposed to more question marks, but I suppose that’s what these gameless weeks are for.

I’m amazed at how well the defense has looked at times and even more amazed at the way the depth in the secondary has saved our ass. I’m not amazed at how well Golson has played, and even less amazed that Chris Brown might be mistook for a mouse.

The team looks solid, and they could put themselves in a great position over the next few weeks in regards to the CFB Playoff.

So, temperature… HOT WITH DESIRE

Aaron Horvath, Fighting Irish Athletics: As we head into the bye week, the Irish are 3-0, averaging over 30 points per game, while allowing just over 10 including shutting out Michigan. If I were to tell you that those three facts would be true prior to the season beginning, would you have taken it? Through 1/4 of the year, how do your expectations of this season match up?

Well of course I would take it, just as I am happily taking it now. As with most people, I expected to be 3-0, but I didn’t expect it to be quite like this. The truth of the matter is that despite the awesomeness of shutting Michigan out, and the roster’s ability to take care of itself after suspensions and injuries, I’m not sure how good this team really is. I refuse to debate it via WHERE ARE THEY IN THE RANKINGS, but after watching quite a bit of college football over the past few weeks, I’d have to say that Notre Dame is squarely in the hunt for a playoff spot.

Mike Coffey, NDNation: At the first bye week, who is your MVP on offense and on defense so far?

First of all, Mike paid me one of the better compliments I had seen in quite some time when he referred to me as “The Scarlet Pimpernel.” Basically, he called me Batman. (This is what I am taking away from it so don’t ruin it for me you guys).

Obviously Everett Golson gets mine and just about everyone elses’s vote for this title. He is making a HUGE impact and is now a real candidate for the Heisman Trophy. I do want to add a name as a honorable mention, and that’s Will Fuller. Fuller hasn’t been CRAZY INSANE good, but with the loss of DaVaris Daniels, he has made himself into a very good #1 wide receiver, and I just wanted to mention that.

On the defensive side of the ball, I’m going to throw a little curve against the norm and take Cody Riggs. Again, this decision has a lot to do with what has happened with the suspensions and with injuries. Riggs has played solid and his vast experience has helped keep the secondary from imploding. If you want to throw in a little bit about having balls to actually RETURN punts, no one will stop you.

My question this week had something to do with “what will you do during the bye week,” so if you want to confess about what you actually did… now is the time.


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