Is a full-time LIRR stop still in plans for Belmont Park development?

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One of the big hopes for the Islanders planned development at Belmont was the creation of a full-time Long Island Rail Road stop. However, that may be more difficult than previously thought.

While examining a lengthy document of responses to comments about the Belmont development, Newsday found the following response to a question about the LIRR stop at Belmont Park:

“. . . While there have been discussions regarding the provision of additional LIRR service for the retail village during off-peak periods during times with no arena events, the transportation analyses in the DEIS [the draft environmental impact statement] will conservatively assess future conditions with additional LIRR service provided to Belmont Park station for arena events only.”

What exactly does that mean? Well, the Long Island newspaper explained.

Translation: Empire State Development will study providing extra service only during New York Islanders games, concerts, and other events at the new arena.

A full-time LIRR stop is something the surrounding community eagerly wants and was touted when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo awarded the hockey team development rights to the state land. There has been a small but vocal group of people against the project and the lack of a year-round rail line at the sight could cause an issue for other residents or local politicians.

Empire Statement Development officials did tell Newsday that “conversations about service beyond arena events are ongoing.”

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