Is It a Blog?: Quick Hits #1

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Originally posted on “Is It Sports?” this is the first of our quick conversation posts since our long, drawn out posts and web site creation was taking way too long (the gap in posts from October 8 to November 27 says a lot). If you are looking for new wallpaper for your computer, click the links!

When we first started this site, the whole idea was to post our AIM conversations online, because they were pretty entertaining and usually about sports. Then we got adventurous and started writing posts that were pretty long and included pictures and lots of cool effects….and well, it got hard for me to keep up. So now when we have a good conversation, I’ll put them up here ASAP with no pictures just how we originally intended, but expect new posts with pictures and other fun stuff to keep coming

Ryan: I love my NBA live… its 2004
Steve: ok?
Ryan: The Suns traded DerMarr Johnson to the Hornets for Jamaal Magloire
Steve: DerMarr?
Ryan: oh yeah
Steve: don’t know him
Steve: best name in the NBA: Zarko Cabarkapa
Ryan: yep
Ryan: suns, right?
Steve: Warriors
Ryan: used to be the suns
Steve: yeah
Steve: I kind of want D-Miles
Steve: since he’s ghetto as hell
Ryan: oh man! I was watching some of the POR-MIN game
Ryan: Darius Miles and Richie Frahm should not be in the same profession
Steve: Richie Frahm?
Ryan: Richie Frahm
Steve: there’s a white guy on the Blazers?
Ryan: Well, he plays for the wolves now
Steve: this needs to be my wallpaper
Ryan: lol
Ryan: But yes, there is a white player on the blazers
Steve: he’s got tatts though
Steve: so he’s ok
Ryan: So, Stephen A. will definitely hate the Timberwolves this year
Ryan: Sczerbiak, Marko Jaric, Richie Frahm, Mark Madsen
Ryan: Way too many white guys
Steve: that would be good too
Steve: Marko Jaric is on my fantasy team
Steve: that one is actually pretty cool
Steve: why the white guys?
Ryan: I think Luke Ridnour and Dan Dickau are the two most out of place players in any league, and this includes kickers in football

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