Is It a Blog?: Quick Hits #2

Originally posted on “Is It Sports?” Ryan and I are already talking about the 2006 baseball season.

Steve: booya keeping Konerko
Ryan: meanwhile, it appears the Twins may lose their biggest free agent to the Royals
Ryan: so, our teams are on opposite ends of the spectrum, really
Steve: that’s pretty sad
Steve: I like how the White Sox could have lost him if they didn’t offer him a 5th year
Steve: so they had to decide if they wanted to keep him until he is 33 or 34 basically, like it would matter
Ryan: hold on… phone
Ryan: Ok I’m back… the Twins want me to play second base
Steve: ok I’ll type this when you’re gone…if they wind up getting Juan Pierre their lineup will be
Steve: 1 Podsednik LF
Steve: 2 Pierre CF
Steve: 3 Dye RF
Ryan: I asked for 45 dollars a game, but that was too much for them
Steve: 4 Konerko 1B
Steve: 5 Thome DH
Steve: 6 Iguchi 2B
Steve: 7 Pierzynski C
Steve: 8 Crede 3B
Steve: 9 Uribe SS
Steve: I would have said, ok 42
Ryan: the Twins organization is terrible
Ryan: here is what I think the Twins lineup will be
Ryan: LF Stewart
Ryan: SS Bartlett
Ryan: C Mauer
Ryan: 1b Morneau
Ryan: CF Hunter
Ryan: 3b Tiffee
Ryan: RF Cuddyer
Steve: Iguchi said he’d rather hit for power and rbi’s like he’s used to in Japan, so they’ll probably move him to 6th or 7th
Ryan: DH Ford
Ryan: 2b Henning
Steve: what about Punto?
Ryan: Punto can kiss my ass
Ryan: I’m playing second
Ryan: I’m actually convinced that the Twins arent going to sign anyone this offseason
Steve: but will he do it for less than $40
Ryan: and inexplicably, they turned down a trade to deal J.F.C. Romero to Colorado
Ryan: I would have taken a weekend in Vail in exchange for romero
Steve: lol
Ryan: teach Rincon to pitch lefthanded if we wanted a lefty that bad

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