Is It a Blog?: Quick Hits #3

Originally posted on “Is It Sports?” Ryan and I go back to our roots and post discussion on the upcoming 49ers-Texans game to determine the #1 pick in the 2006 draft, which everyone thought would be Reggie Bush. Things worked out well for just about everyone involved. The Texans got the pick and picked up Mario Williams to anchor their defense. The 49ers ended up drafting Frank Gore, who has had a much better career so far, and Reggie Bush found a role on a winning team, but has pretty much been a bust.

Ryan: I think the NFL should instate a lottery as well, so we don’t have to worry about games like San Fran vs Houston, and having both teams trying to lose
Steve: yeah this year could be a good argument for it
Ryan: I could really see that game ending in a tie
Ryan: 0-0
Steve: and maybe just because they suck that bad
Ryan: Well, if you are a wide receiver, you catch the ball and you are running downfield seeing nothing but green, don’t you just fall down?
Ryan: or go out of bounds
Ryan: the only player I see trying hard is Domanick Davis or Kevan Barlow, or whoever they have as a running back
Steve: yeah
Ryan: Actually, if I’m Houston, I would only want that first pick to trade it for some semblance of an offensive line… Davis can be a serviceable back if you give him an offensive line… just trade down and pick Greg Eslinger from Minnesota as a center and be happy with that
Steve: that’s what I’ve been saying too
Steve: no one agrees with me on that though
Ryan: Well, for the first time in perhaps 6 months, we have agreed on something sports related
Ryan: of course, if they trade out of that spot and Bush becomes a legend, they will be ridiculed until the end of time
Steve: yeah but they’re the Texans
Steve: not like they won’t be anyways

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