Is It a Blog?: Quick Hits #4

Originally posted on “Is It Sports?” Ryan and I discuss minor league hockey…

Ryan: stupid stars
Steve: but they provide light and heat
Ryan: Yeah… not the celestial bodies or hollywood big shots… th Dallas Stars
Ryan: particularly Johan Hedberg
Steve: I spent new years in the home city of their AHL affiliate
Ryan: how exciting
Steve: their rival is the Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights
Ryan: the… ak-sar-ben?
Steve: yeah
Steve: I went to their site just now to figure it out
Steve: they were founded by a community group in Omaha in in the 1930s called the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben
Steve: Ak-Sar-Ben is Nebraska backwards
Ryan: how did we NOT notice that
Steve: I don’t know
Steve: I went to a sorta AHL game once when it was the IHL
Ryan: awesome
Steve: Chicago Wolves vs. Peoria Rivermen
Steve: looks like they’re both in the AHL now
Ryan: Kid I went to HS with plays for the Rivermen
Ryan: Blues farm team
Steve: this was like in 1994 or something probably
Steve: I remember the Wolves won and it was their first ever shutout win
Steve: I think it was their first season
Steve: and I remember when the Manitoba Moose was the Minnesota Moose
Ryan: yep
Ryan: they also had the fightin’ pike
Steve: yeah the AFL team
Steve: awesome name
Steve: still not as good as the Miami Hooters but close
Ryan: oh yeah.. afl
Steve: the Wolves don’t have an affiliation listed on their site
Steve: I think its the Thrashers
Ryan: it is
Steve: makes perfect sense of course
Steve: so the Wild have the Houston Aeros
Steve: the Lowell Lock Monsters are the Avalanche and the Hurricanes
Ryan: hockey is just so fun

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