Is It a Blog?: Quick Hits #6

Originally posted on “Is It Sports?” This is the last of the Quick Hits posts, and the 2nd to last post ever on the old site. I found out I would probably have to move away for work (it wound up being Indianapolis) and that was pretty much the end of updating the old site, especially with Ryan building up momentum here on the times. At least the last post (Check March 5 in the archives

Ryan: you know who i think should have been MVP?
Steve: who?
Ryan: Randle El
Ryan: he was involved in the two plays that secured the win for the Steelers
Steve: yeah I could agree with that
Ryan: nobody else has even mentioned him
Steve: Thornton High School #11 3 sport star
Steve: Sports Guy Super Bowl diary is pretty damn funny
Ryan: I should read it…
Ryan: so did i tell you about my experience?
Steve: uh I don’t think so
Steve: first, why are you going to be on that hometime show?
Ryan: well, they film in chaska and they are sponsored by the Depot, so they come in and film every once in a while
Ryan: the other day they were in the store filming a piece on faux finishes, and they needed me to pretend like i was helping them
Ryan: they made me ad lib and stuff… it was awful
Steve: haha cool
Steve: I’ll have to try to watch it
Steve: …if its on here
Ryan: PBS
Steve: ahh I see
Steve: good to see you like turtles
Ryan: turtles are sweet
Steve: damn straight
Ryan: so, the game
Ryan: I went to my coworkers house, and he had just bought an antenna so he could get the game
Ryan: well, when i got there it wasnt working.
Ryan: so they messed with it a little bit and it came in, but it was fuzzy
Ryan: Daves GF bitched, but it was fine by my standards, and Dave kept fumbling with it
Ryan: because he was messing with it, I missed all the cool pregame stuff AND the first drive of the game
Ryan: I was exceptionally pissed
Steve: wow
Ryan: not only that, I was the only one there who actually appreciated the game
Steve: I was interested in the game, but I think the actual game pretty much sucked
Ryan: like, nobody understood it… Dave was drunk and when he wasnt talking about stupid shit he was eating his Tostitos waaaaay to loud
Ryan: well, from now on, I’m watching the game alone, inless its with someone like you
Steve: ahh I see
Steve: yeah that’s always annoying
Steve: I watched it by myself, but I had Elizabeth on my speaker phone during the entire game….she was actually interested
Ryan: ouch for the phone bill
Steve: ahh it was my cell phone
Steve: free nights and weekends
Ryan: i see
Steve: did you see the Hummer commercial with the 2 monsters?
Ryan: yeah
Steve: very effective
Steve: Elizabeth HATES the Hummer H3 and is horrified by the thought that I thought about getting one, but since it was like a pregnancy/baby type commercial that appeals to women, she thinks its ok now
Ryan: haha…. are you really thinking about getting one?
Steve: its on my list
Ryan: cars arent high on my list
Ryan: I would rather overpay for a house or apartment
Steve: I already do that
Steve: so overpaying for a car is next
Steve: well underpaying actually with the employee discount
Ryan: well, I don’t really have any aspirations for a fancy car… I can’t see myself spending over 10K for a car at any point in my life, really

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