Is SNY blacking out UltiMET Classic episodes?

I was watching a little of SNY’s “UltiMET Classic” episode last night, while waiting for “Dancing With the Stars” to start. Come to think of it, what’s more embarrassing – admitting to watching an old Mets game, or admitting to watching “Dancing With the Stars”? I say watching the Mets!

And if you must know, I’m rooting for Chad Ochocinco to win “DWTS.” He’s got a real star quality about him that’s immensely appealing.

Anyhow, I digress. Michael in California, one of our readers, told me that he’s unable to see any of the Met “Classic” episodes on SNY. He’s able to see the channel, just not the old-time games. Get this – he said the UltiMET Classic games are blacked out!

What’s up with that, Squawker Jon? Is showing Johan Santana attempting to save the 2008 season, before the Mets blew the last game of that year, really so precious that it needs to be blacked out outside of the NYC area? What, is this competing in California with some old Dodgers game or something? I don’t get it.

So I have two questions for our readers. One is if they’ve also experienced these blacked-out classic Met games. The second is whether or not the YES Network blacks out classic Yankee games. It’s all a big mystery.

One other thought – when is “Dancing With the Stars” ever going to pick a baseball player for the show? It’s time!

What do you think? Tell us about it!