Isaiah rightly shreds DeMarre Carroll for cheap foul

“It was intentional. Did you see it?” Thomas said after scoring 20 points in the Celtics’ 107-97 loss to the Toronto Raptors. “Yeah, that’s not a basketball play by any means. Guys who aren’t factors in games do that. It is what it is.”

Thomas said the nature of Carroll’s move didn’t have a place in today’s game.

“It’s not like back in the day where you can put your hands up and fight a guy,” Thomas said. “You can’t do that. But that was not a basketball play whatsoever, and that’s not cool that he did that.”

ESPN Boston

I was more upset about the lack of a flagrant-2 call by the officials than the actually push itself.

Call me crazy, but the act of shoving a player who is sprinting down the court should be deemed unnecessary and excessive. What would be excessive in this situation – a clothesline?

On another note, the Celtics had no business losing this game. Brad Stevens needs to diagram a defense that can stop DeMar DeRozan. And Al Horford can’t be taking 5 shots in big games.

Figure it out.