It’s been awhile…

I fear I have the worse case of writer’s block ever. I had ideas for the Olympic break. They were going to be epic but I couldn’t get them out properly. They were just off. Not up to my standards.

I even stopped writing as much for The Olympic Hockey Blog as I wanted to. I did write a piece for them tonight. You can check it out here. It’s a piece on how fantastic Ryan Miller is. I have never been one to hide my love for that tall, lanky goalie but this was a hard piece for me to write. It does not do him justice and is not my best piece. But I encourage you to go check it out anyway. It includes a few fantastic pictures. Did you know you can get Ryan Miller ice cream or a clock? I certainly didn’t! But now I want the ice cream in addition to the blue Ryan Miller Olympic jersey.

Congrats to the Coyotes own Sami Lepisto! He won bronze along with team Finland. No shame in the bronze boys. You played hard and deserved it. No one expected you to medal, even though I really hoped you would!

The Coyotes return to the ice on Tuesday against the Blues. Unfortunately I will not be in attendance. I have my final exam that night. I won’t even be able to get the tweet/text updates. Ok, I lied. I will probably be home in time to see most of the game. My class starts at 5, the game starts at 7. If it takes me more than an hour and a half to two hours to finish, I will shoot myself. So maybe a live blog, depending on when I get home.

Hopefully the Coyotes worked on their PP over the break. That needed a lot of help. Also, hope the guys have had a good rest and are ready to attack. Sami, Z and Bryz played hard and represented their Countries well. It is now time for them to represent the Coyotes with all they have. All of them, not just the Olympians.

Pru was on the ice. Last I heard he was in the yellow “no contact” jersey. The last I heard was they would see how Friday went and if he could lose the yellow jersey. There is no update on the site and I did not see any tweets about that. He is hoping to play in Tuesdays game. Cross your fingers for him!

The trade freeze lifts at midnight. Do you think the GMs are ready to pounce and make trades at that time? I would hate to wake up and see that one of my Coyotes has been traded. I would much rather have it happen during the day, preferably after I have had my morning coffee. I’m not sure how much action there will be. There was a fleury of action right before the freeze, teams probably want to see where they are at in these first few games.

Ok, that is all I got. Until next time!

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