It’s been awhile…

I haven’t updated in awhile. These games are in reverse chronological order or something (starting with the latest) Here are some quick thoughts:

Red Wings:God, I hate playing the red wings. It’s not that I hate the team because they are good… I hate the bulk of the fans. They are such jerks about everything. Even people that aren’t hockey fans but are from Detroit become obnoxious jerks when they find out you like hockey/a team other then the red wings. So yah, we lost. We also lost Scottie in the second. Freaking red wings, injuring our Uppy so bad he had to be taken to the hospital and spent the night there. I heard it might be the kidney and I read today that he has a bruised kidney and will be out probably a week. UGH! We need Scottie (omg, last season did you ever think I would say that?)

SJ Sharks/New Years:Early game, started at 5. I was able to get out of work at 4 and made it to my seat in time for for the opening announcements/video. I was so excited to 1) to be at a hockey game and 2) made it on time. Game was ok, then it became super nerve-wracking. Freaking OT and shoot out. And Tippett? Work on the freaking shoot out! We so should have won that but all the guys went low/couldn’t get a shot off. FREAKING LIFT THE PUCK! I know most of you can do that. And Doan? JUST SHOOT the damn puck, no more fancy pants stuff. Tippett, nice choice with Yandle but what about the Pru? He would be gold in the shoot outs. Oh yah, and the arm of my seat broke. That was lovely to deal with. I felt like I was going to fall in the aisle. After the game I went home and watch Pirates. Yah, I am awesome like that.

Canucks: I was on the airplane/ride home for most of this game. I landed and turned on my phone during 1st intermission. I was able to catch up on all the texts while collecting luggage and waiting for the van to take me home. I got home after the second intermission. I was able to catch most of the third, all of OT and a shoot out. I watched the shoot out from my comfy bed because I was exhausted. Um, I am pretty sure we won this one. It was awhile back so I forget.

SJ Sharks/in SJ: I didn’t watch this game. I was still in Wisconsin and thanks to San Jose being in the Pacific time zone and Wisconsin being in the Central, the game wasn’t on until 9:30. I wasn’t feeling well so I crashed at about 10. I am pretty sure we won this one in a shoot out. That sounds about right…

Can I just say after the end of December, I am freaking sick of the shoot out? I wasn’t a huge fan but now I am just annoyed at them. Can they go away please?

And we need Fiddy back. And Vandypants. Winnik? Um, I forgot he was on our team but I suppose we could use him.

Lots of stuff coming up. Coyotes in Edmonton Tuesday and Vancouver Thursday. I can’t watch Tuesday as I have my first class of the new semester then. Thursday I will be watching. Saturday we take on the NYI at home. Then on Sunday is the Coyotes Carnival. Who all is going?

That’s all I got for now folks.

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