It’s Beginning To Get A Lot More Chippy: The Best Hockey Holiday Videos


Maybe it’s the fact that it’s played on ice. Maybe it’s the fact that so much of the season takes place during the winter months. Whatever the reason, hockey and the Christmas season seem to enjoy a very special kinship. Teams all over the world go to great lengths to spread holiday cheer. This week we’re going to take a look at some of the very best of hockey holiday videos to help get you pumped up for this weekend.

The Belfast Giants: “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Originally released in 2010 the creativity shown by the Giants took Youtube by storm. Some of the guys may have been better at skating than dancing but the commitment is utterly charming to this day.

Chicago Gay Hockey Association “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Sticking with the theme of Mariah Carey holiday hits the Chicago Gay Hockey Association brings it in a big way with their performance. Bonus points for providing their own vocals and the fantastic kick line.

Melbourne Mustangs: An Aussie Ice Hockey Christmas

This 2014 video is something that fans of Sunbelt hockey teams can definitely relate to. We may not live in places where sheets of ice naturally occur but we can probably wear shorts on Christmas Day. So there.

South Carolina Stingrays “Jingle Bell Rock”
A new edition to the hockey holiday video oeuvre is an on-ice recreation of a scene from “Mean Girls”.  It may look a little different than Santa’s Little Helpers’ performance from the Winter Talent show but the little details are all there. The choreographed thigh slap. The CD skipping. This ECHL team nails it. You go Glen Coco.

Syracuse Crunch Holiday Album

The Crunch have been getting some attention for their lip sync videos lately but this holiday themed precursor was released in 2015. The original lyrics may not be the best but it’s definitely unique. Stick taps to Dylan Blujus’ commitment to his performance and the pretty solid lyrics to “O Referee”.

Stick with us this week as we revisit some hockey holiday classics! No, we haven’t forgotten the San Jose Sharks.

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