Jacoby Ellsbury Struggles In the Dog Days

Jacoby Ellsbury Struggles In the Dog DaysBefore the season began Jacoby Ellsbury was touted as the next Rookie of the Year, but as the season has worn on Ellsbury has been struggling to be the impact player he was last fall. There were times this season that a leadoff walk or single for him would equal a triple because of his ability to swipe second and third. Those days seem to be a thing of the past; he has stolen just 1 base in the last 28 games! Rob over at The Bottom Line needs to change his picture in “The Chase to 54” to one of Ellsbury standing on first or riding some pine. The lack of stolen bases is a direct result of struggles at the plate. Jacoby is 27 for his last 127 (.212) and in danger of losing his leadoff spot. Jim Rice thinks Ellsbury needs some time “recuperate both physically and mentally.” Tito thinks he will come around: “He’s just going through a tough time. He doesn’t seem to be pressing. He understands his responsibility and has handled himself pretty well.” When Ortiz comes back Francona will not be able to DH Manny and play both Ellsbury and Coco in the outfield. This may be give Ellsbury some of the time off he needs and it also allows Coco to play all out and get miss a game here or there when he is hurt.

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