Jarran Reed takes back old jersey number, sparking talk of Jadeveon Clowney leaving Seahawks

There’s been a lot of uncertainty about whether or not Jadeveon Clowney will remain in Seattle, and it’s looking like we now have some finality on that front.

Clowney was acquired via trade, spending one season with the team. He was a clear difference-maker, and was the best player on the field, when he was actually on the field, but did have some issues staying healthy, which is nothing new for him.

The rumors have suggested that the Seahawks won’t be able to re-sign Clowney, as he’ll be out of their price range, and that appears to be the case, given that Jarran Reed is changing numbers to No. 90 — which is what Clowney donned last season.

He’s looking for roughly $17-18 million per season, and it’s understandable that the Seahawks don’t have that much money to allocate to a guy who only plays roughly 12-13 games per season.