“Jays From the Couch” Features Brilliant 2016 Giants Wrap-Up


Contrary to what you may have heard, “Jays From the Couch” is not a discarded piece of Canadian furniture covered with noisy avians. It is in fact a premier MLB blog that provides the best news, commentary, and analysis available about the AL East Toronto Blue Jays.

thegiantscove_logoShaun Doyle is the relentlessly demanding founder and Editor of “Jays From the Couch”, and he leads a curiously large staff of outstanding baseball writers.

Sure, many of them appear to be part of some kind of correctional work release program, but they know the Blue Jays and they know Major League Baseball.

One of the many interesting features of the “Couch” is a series of MLB team wrap-ups, reviewing the 2016 season and looking forward to next season. These are written by guest bloggers who have various team-specific sites.

I’m assuming that Shaun and his staff use a method of random selection for these wrap-ups that involves a blindfold and darts, because inexplicably “The Giants Cove” was selected to cover the San Francisco Giants.

Please check out the San Francisco Giants wrap-up here.

And if that doesn’t cover your minimum daily requirement of “Giants Cove” fiber, you can also listen to the “Jays Nest Podcast” featuring this writer being interviewed by Shaun Doyle and Wade Black (who, I should add, did the entire interview in Canadian).

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