Jermall Charlo Explains Why Brother Jermell Got Canelo Alvarez Fight

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In a surprising turn of events, it was announced that Jermell Charlo, not his twin brother Jermall Charlo, would be facing Canelo Alvarez in a super-middleweight title fight. Jermall Charlo recently shed light on the situation, revealing the real reason behind the decision.

The Initial Expectation

Initially, it was widely expected that Canelo Alvarez would face Jermall Charlo in the ring. Jermall, with an undefeated record of 32-0 and 22 knockouts, presented an intriguing matchup for Alvarez. However, the fight did not materialize as planned.

Jermall Charlo recently explained the situation, providing insight into why his brother Jermell was chosen to fight Alvarez instead. According to Jermall, he had actually signed a contract to fight Alvarez as well. However, he made the decision to give the opportunity to his brother, ensuring that both of them could benefit financially from the fight.

Jermall’s Personal Problems

While Jermall Charlo’s decision to give his brother the opportunity to fight Alvarez was primarily driven by financial considerations, there may have been other factors at play. Reports suggest that Jermall had personal problems that influenced his decision not to go through with the fight against Alvarez. The exact nature of these personal problems has not been disclosed.

Jermell’s Opportunity

With Jermall stepping aside, Jermell Charlo seized the opportunity to face Canelo Alvarez in a highly anticipated showdown. Jermell, the undisputed champion at super welterweight, will be moving up from 154 pounds to 168 pounds for this fight. He boasts an impressive record of 35-1-1 with 19 knockouts and is known for his skills and power in the ring.

The Fight Expectations

Jermell Charlo’s decision to step up and face Canelo Alvarez presents an intriguing matchup. Jermell’s height and reach advantages could potentially play a role in the fight. However, Alvarez is widely regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world and has consistently proven himself against top competition.

The decision for Jermell Charlo to face Canelo Alvarez instead of his twin brother Jermall has brought attention to the Charlo brothers and their unique situation. Jermall’s selfless decision to give his brother the opportunity to fight Alvarez showcases the bond and support between the two siblings. As fight night approaches, fans and analysts will eagerly anticipate the outcome of this highly anticipated matchup. Will Jermell Charlo be able to dethrone Canelo Alvarez and solidify his place as one of the top fighters in the division? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – this fight has all the makings of an exciting and memorable showdown in the world of boxing.

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