Jersey Shore comes to Arena…

Last night the Coyotes beat the Devils at home. It was a really, really great game.

We started off the first with Lombo putting one past Marty. It was sweet. Then there was some stuff. Then Peter Mueller scored. We knew you could do it Mueller! It’s cuz you’re in the bag! You are in the bag!

Then we kind of sucked it up in the second and the Devils scored twice. Gah, stupid second period.

The third was kind of rough and tumble. Winnik scored but the devils high sticked him after he scored. And there was blood. 4 min PP and guess what? Z scores! Woot Woot!

Final Score? 4-3 Coyotes. GO US!

Oh, and Taylor…great job on the screen for Z’s goal. That is awesome! We need more of that.

At one point I yelled at the obnoxious guido over one section. He was being annoying after the 2nd New Jersey goal so I went, “Yah, but who is still winning?” or something like that. I also said something rather loudly about the shots on goals. We had 15 and 4 goals. They had 2 in like 30 at this point.

Sami was pissed after one of the devils goals, he checked himself into the boards. Hard. Sami honey, you need to be careful! We need you!!

Who don’t we need? New guy/Not Schlem and Jovo. We don’t need no stinkin’ Jovo! Go ahead, get suspended some more douchebag.

Uppy also got pissed. He gave Adrian the deathstare. I was worried about Uppy, Adrian could totally take him! Uppy passed the puck to Adrian and Adrian fired it to the center of the ice…. right to a Devil. DOH!

I apologize that this is not such a good post. I planned to write it last night but my computer wasn’t cooperating. So this is what you get. 🙁


Oh yah, and we lost against the Sharks, 3-1. I only saw the 3rd period and don’t remember much at this point. I’m horrible at this…



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