Jesus Leads Us to the Promised Land

I was not able to watch tonights game as I was in class. So, I was trying to keep updated on the texts that go to my phone. Well, lets just say, I did not fully comprehend what was going on. See, I only have certain people sent to my phone, the ones that I actually know plus the Coyotes/Flyers organizations. Here is a sampling of what I got during break and why I was so confused (names have been changed to protect the innocent/all times Phoenix time):

Person 1 (5:36): Come on yotes. more shooting less passing
Person 1 (5:42): the name “power play” needs to be change for the yotes. the passing play? (haha, thats actually a good one!!)
Person 2 (6:17): Come on Muels! 
Person 2 (6:19): THANK GOD 
Person 2 (6:25): RADIM WITH THE MAGIC PASS!!!!!! 
Person 2 (6:25): Oh Jesus Christ  
Person 2 (6:34): Zbynek Michalek you are my motherfuking HERO and I’m not even lying
Person 2 (7:12): JOVO!
Person 1 (7:18): hey tippet jovos big ass belongs in front of the goalie on a pp. not the point
Person 2 (7:19): Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
Person 1 (7:23): Uppy! ur too little
Person 2 (7:26) whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? out of all that bullshit Jesus gets the only penalty???????
Person 1 (7:28): thanks dmen. ugh! and bryz, ur stick was in the wrong place
Person 2 (7:29): Pull the goddamn goalie coyotes. DO IT!
Person 1 (7:31): if people were paying attention, a goal could have happened
Person 2 (7:32): HOLY CRAP!
Person 1 (7:33): Yandle! The dman that is doing something!
Person 2 (7:33): ONE MORE BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Person 1 (7:37): I just jumped like crazy. Tippett needs to listen to me more often. his ass belongs in front of the net
Person 2 (7:37): OH MY GOD OH MY DOAN OH MY GOD OH MY DOAN OH MY GOD OH MY DOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Person 2 (7:39): @Person3 two goals in the last minute! OVERTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Person 2 (7:42): OH MY DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then finally: PhoenixCoyotes (7:45): An amazing comeback in Detroit is capped off by a game winner off the stick of Captain Coyote in OT. PHX wins a crazy on 5-4. -LL

So, as you can see I was quite confused for awhile there. Toward the end I could tell it was getting exciting. Up until someone stated actual OT, I didn’t know we were tied. But yes, this was my amusement and game tracking during breaks in class.

And that is all you get tonight. Thursday is the Flames. Apparently at home. I thought it was away and happened to look at the schedule today and realized it was a home game. So yah, I will be there rocking the Pru jersey. I missed him while I was sick!

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