Jim Harbaugh Denies Lying to NCAA in Michigan Investigation

Jim Harbaugh Denies Lying to NCAA in Michigan Investigation
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There are potential sanctions and suspensions looming over the Michigan Wolverines football program after head coach Jim Harbaugh potentially lied to NCAA investigators.

According to reports, Harbaugh refused to admit that he lied to the NCAA, which has led to a potential Level Ⅰ violation.

The case has come to a standstill, as Harbaugh claims that he doesn’t remember the incident in question.

Why Is Michigan Being Investigated by the NCAA?

Michigan self-reported Level ⅠⅠ recruiting violations in hopes of receiving a lesser penalty. Harbaugh committed a recruitment volition during the COVID-19 dead period when he met with two recruits. He also texted a recruit outside of the allowable time period.

In addition, other allegations surfaced that an analyst was allowed on the field to perform coaching duties during practice, and coaches were allowed to watch players work out on Zoom.

Michigan isn’t refuting that the Level ⅠⅠ violations occurred but the penalties aren’t as serious. The NCAA instead is in pursuit of Harbaugh and their Level Ⅰ penalties against him.

NCAA Is At Standstill With Harbaugh

After Harbaugh refused to sign any document or publicly state that he lied to an enforcement staff, the NCAA hasn’t backed down from its position.

Right now, the NCAA doesn’t have evidence that Harbaugh lied, but it sounds like the NCAA are hoping he will dig his own grave. According to reports, a resolutions is not likely to be negotiated.

To compete with the NCAA, Harbaugh hired Tom Mars. Mars has a lot of history with the NCAA and they aren’t exactly his biggest fan.

Mars is known for challenging the NCAA and its power structure on multiple occasions, eventually leading to the NCAA having to change its course.

Harbaugh Looking into the NFL

There is no timetable for how long the NCAA will keep investigating Harbaugh but the standoff could potentially drag out for over a year.

With nothing being negotiated, it seems like Harbaugh will be there to coach Michigan in 2023. The NCAA sanctions probably won’t be executed in time for Harbaugh to receive multi-game suspension until start of 2024, and by that time, he could be in the NFL.

Rumors are been flying around about whether or not Harbaugh will stay at Michigan. He interviewed with the Minnesota Vikings last year and the Denver Broncos this year but in both cases, he decided to stay with Michigan.

When it comes time, the legendary football coach may opt to rejoin his brother in the NFL, especially if Michigan is going to be penalized in one way or another by the NCAA.

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