Jon Miller, Dave Flemming call ‘virtual’ Giants home-opener (Video)

Spring feels a bit empty without the allure of baseball going on every day, but those in and around the MLB world are doing whatever they can to provide fans with some level of entertainment to keep everyone from experiencing boredom.

MLB has suspended its 2020 season, and there’s really no definitive word on when play may resume, or if it will happen altogether. South Korea is currently playing some practice games, though, so that’s reason for optimism.

Still, it’s unknown when MLB games will be played, or even when players will be cleared to resume throwing at their training facilities or home stadiums.

In the meantime, the San Francisco Giants’ broadcasters are doing all they can to fill the baseball void for fans. Jon Miller and Dave Flemming called a simulated game which was meant to mimic how the team’s opening-day game against the Dodgers this past Friday was supposed to play out, in a pretty amazing gesture.

Well, we know Miller and Flemming will be ready for the team’s first game, whenever it takes place.