Jordan Matthews 411 via Tom Jackson of @EaglesEyeTwit

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We have a new receiver, so it’s time to find out a little more about him! To that end, I decided to chat with Tom Jackson of Eagles Eye Blog, one of our sister sites. Tom was kind enough to answer some questions about Jordan Matthews, who he is – both as a player on the field and a person off.


What are your thoughts on Matthews as a player – is he a slot guy, outside guy? Any particular traits stand out?

Jordan Matthews is a “quality” teammate— great character, excellent work ethic and all that— he’s not the fastest receiver on the field but he runs precise routes…he’s been stereotyped as a “slot receiver” but he actually has outside receiver talent. Problem is he tends to be a little “stiff” on his outside routes so he’s not quite to the point where he can consistently command that deep jump ball thrown on the back shoulder.

Is there a game or games Bills fans should watch to “get” who Jordan is as a player?

You can go here to catch up on one of his greatest career highlights—  …   But for me, his greatest catch was on November 8, 2015, when he caught a 41-yard pass from Sam Bradford for a TD to win the game against Dallas in overtime…you can see it here at …

How is the Eagle fan response to this trade? Happy/Sad/Indifferent?

Eagles fan response to trading Jordan Matthews is overwhelmingly SAD… but the smart Eagles fan also realizes that Matthews was going to be lost to free agency in 2018 anyway. He wants to be a #1 receiver, but that was not going to happen in Philly with the acquisitions of Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith.

I saw there were reports in May and June that Matthews could get traded that he rebuffed media wise – did you see this coming?

I did not see this coming, only because they played Matthews in PS1 at Green Bay (4 receptions on 5 targets) last Thursday night, and it is well known that Carson Wentz and Jordan Matthews are best friends.

Why hadn’t Philly tried to extend him prior to the trade?

Philly did not try to extend Jordan Matthews’ contract last year because his numbers had declined in 2016, there were some unexpected drops on free-and-clear potential receptions, and he showed signs of becoming a tad more susceptible to nagging injuries. Mainly, I think the organization felt he was never going to develop into a true #1 outside receiver. Plus, there is always that “blow-back factor” working against any Eagles player who was drafted by Chip Kelly. Sad but true…

What is the response for getting Darby in return?

Getting Ronald Darby in return has energized the Eagles fan base in the know. We knew the cornerback situation here was iffy at best. If Darby can hold down one side of the field in the secondary, Philly fans will quickly accept the loss of Matthews…whom we will miss, if for no other reason he was a reliable security blanket for Carson Wentz when a pass play would break down.

Anything else fans should know about Jordan Matthews?

Jordan Matthews is a class act. He is a talented football player. He will always be there for Tyrod Taylor for that 7-yard reception when Tyrod is in trouble. He may not be that guy who routinely stretches the defense, but he brings edge potential if the Bills choose to call his number on the outside routes. I like the prospect of adding him to the mix of Anquan Boldin and Zay Jones. You may be pleasantly surprised at the number of targets and receptions Matthews will command in the Bills offense.