Jose Canseco is an Idiot

We have heard this week the “revelations” that will be published in Jose Canseco’s new book, “Juiced”. Canseco admits that he took steroids, that he and Mark McGwire injected each other in the bathroom stall in the Oakland A’s lockerroom, that he saw Jason Giambi injected with steroids, that other players including Roger Clemens took the roids.

While Canseco’s admission is something that was seen for a long time, the fact that he decided to take other players down is not surprising as well. Over the past couple of years, Jose has threatened to write a book naming names and taking prisoners. Not only has he done that, but the media and fans alike are looking at Canseco as a pariah and a coackroach.

I am one of those fans who feel Canseco is a rat and a thief. While his accusations are serious and must be considered, the way he makes these accusations are alarming. The fact that they all come in a “he said/she said” manner, that there’s no third party verification, that his musings only come from his accounts shed serious doubt on his claims.

The fact that Canseco’s own agent and lawyer both stated that there were inaccuracies in the book. However, the charges in the book are so serious that “60 Minutes” will devote an entire segment to “Juiced”.

But let’s consider the source of the charges. One, Canseco raced his down a Miami highway in pursuit of his wife, colliding into the car causing damage and considerable harm to his reputation. Canseco also charged into the stands at Yankee Stadium when a fan heckled him about his relationship with Madonna. He had loads of talent, but wasted it away. His most notorious moment on the field came when he played with Texas in 1993 and he was on the head by a fly ball while trying to field it. It went over the wall for a home run. From then on, Canseco became nothing but a joke and he’s trying to turn his reputation around by writing this book.

Canseco’s charges were serious enough for Jason Giambi to call a press conference this week to apologize, but he did not say what for. We can all assume it was for taking steroids, but no admission came.

Canseco is not going to the Hall of Fame and whatever honor he might have received in the future was erased by this book. Canseco has killed any trace of goodwill that might have been left in the cupboard.

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