Justice Is Self Quarantining

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Justice Is Self Quarantining

This has been without a doubt the longest I have gone without posting something since I launched JUSTICE IS COMING in 1995.  Fuck, I actually need to take Philip Rivers out of the collage now.  That’s okay.  I think the Bolts have actually made almost all the right decisions since their season officially ended in Arrowhead in December.  Sure, it would have been nice in retrospect if the Dolphins hadn’t beaten New England and given KC the bye.  But nothing was gained by us winning that week or any one after Mexico City.  Once Phil threw that pick in the end zone that Monday Night, it was all over.  When Anthony Lynn suggested that he was “close” to benching Phil last season, I have to believe that was the moment he was referring to.

The most “Chargers” thing to do would have been to sign Rivers out of loyalty for two more years.  I firmly believe that after the 2018 season, that Telesco really did want to give him one more contract and have him retire a Charger.  But last season was such a disaster that he had no choice but to let him go.  If The Organization was serious about extending Phil in the offseason, wouldn’t they have given him a deal before September?  I guess we should all be grateful they didn’t.  I can’t say I wouldn’t be frustrated if he somehow won a ring in Indy, but he wasn’t winning one with us.  It would have been nice if KC hadn’t come back three straight times in the playoffs to win the Lombardi, but eventually it becomes impossible to root for everyone we are rivals with or who have our former players to NOT win the Super Bowl.

Justice Is Self QuarantiningThe Chargers had to make a move at QB.  I am glad that Tom Brady did not accept our offer of $30 million dollars, although I don’t know why we offered it to begin with.  I assume that we were still planning on drafting a quarterback at #6.  I have no problem letting Taylor start the season and keep the seat warm for the rookie.  He’s not Rivers and that’s okay.  At the very least, he’ll be able to extend some plays and won’t throw 3-4 picks a game.

The decision to keep Ekeler at the expense of Gordon is another one I have to applaud Telesco for.  The Chargers clearly made the right call on not caving to Gordon last season and gave him plenty of chances once he decided to end his holdout early.  He said it was to save a season that seemed so promising at one point, but it was probably also because the holdout wasn’t doing a fucking thing.

Wisenhunt tried to force Gordon into the offense in the Pittsburgh game and that was a disaster.  Austin Ekeler, who will probably be “the guy,” will have to work on his goal line game.  The Detroit fumble was pretty bad and not getting in at the end of the half against Denver was a mess too.  Then again, it couldn’t be much worse than Gordon fumbling on the goal line at Tennessee.  Even before he got his contract, it seemed like Ekeler was already busy at work according to those insane workout videos he posts.

I was also happy to see Hunter Henry get the franchise tag.  I can’t imagine he won’t get a new contract if he can stay healthy this year.  Of course, Joey Bosa is looming.  I still think that the Chargers cannot afford to lose him no matter what.  The attitude of “he’ll be too expensive” is troublesome because it suggests that we won’t pay for elite talent.Justice Is Self Quarantining

Does this mean I need to buy a new voodoo doll?  If so, I hope someone on eBay is busy at work making one.  For people that claim Dean is cheap and makes Telesco go dumpster diving every year, I can’t imagine they have a leg to stand on right now.  The signings of Baluga, Joseph, and Harris are all pretty impressive.  The fact that the Chargers made them all within the first 48 hours of free agency suggest that they had a plan all along.  They didn’t share it with us, which is fine, but you need to win if you are going to act like the Patriots.  Of course, who even knows what the Patriots will be like.  Most people assume that the new Patriots are in our division already with one Super Bowl under their belt.  If you think the Chargers won’t pay, you can’t fault them offering Brady the same deal Tampa did.

Since I spoke to you last, I have finally been able to secure a publisher for my long-time debut book.  Drunk On Sunday will finally be out this year.  Once it’s being printed, thanks to the good folks at No Frills Publishing, I’ll have purchasing info on that site.

I’ll try to be back here before long.  I have a little more time on my hands than usual.  I assume a lot of you do to.  Be safe.



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