Justin Patton, You’ve Debuted Just In Time

Dear Justin Patton,

Remember what happened 48 hours go?

The Timberwolves, playing against Ricky Rubio‘s team, were fighting for a playoff spot and after all the hype—and hoopla and whatnot—surrounding you, look what happened:

You made it. Welcome to the Big Leagues—er, I mean the NBA.


There is, however, one question that remains unanswered: your role with the Timberwolves moving forward, what will it be? How will be it influenced by the cap space that will be available during the offseason?

Will your role diminish next season? Will Thibs rely on you during big moments? And consider this: What if you get traded?

Sadly, we—we, as in the Timberwolves front office and fans—have to acknowledge what appears to be the inevitable: once the offseason begins, your role is in the air.